Louisville: French toast city


Winter Storm Warning flooded my Facebook and Twitter newsfeeds yesterday. The local news stations flashed JCPS Undecided all night long. This morning, I turn on my cell phone to see the news: JCPS Closed. It’s music to my 5th grader’s ears.

Now, hours into this quote unquote snow day, she is going stark crazy with the idea that it has been raining all morning long. Her desire is snow: a white, blanket covering the grass that she can trample with foot prints. Enough to launch some snow balls at her younger, peskier brother. I mean, Louisvillians did go out yesterday and buy up all the bread, milk, and eggs they could find didn’t they, in the hopes that they would be snowed in? Did the stores run out of maple syrup too?

I sure hope every family woke up to some bread and eggs frying up in their skillets this morning while the rain came down. Want some more chuckles? Read this story about how Louisville reacts to snow!

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