Louisville Improvisors host 10th annual Improvapalooza this Friday and Saturday


This Friday and Saturday night at the Kentucky MeX Theatre in the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts, the Louisville Improvisors will be hosting its 10th annual Improvapalooza. The event, starting at 8 p.m. both nights, will feature the Santa Monica, Calif.-based Trans4merZ, an all-male troupe whose 30-minute stream-of-consciousness game breaks all the “rules” (rules? really?) of traditional improvisation.

Following the Trans4merz (and a short intermission), our own Louisville Improvisors take the stage, accompanied on keyboard by jazz-Orpheus Todd Hildreth. If you aren’t tempted to attend for any other reason, know that Todd Hildreth drives a scooter named “The Ruckus,” pay your mere $20, and think about that while the Improvisors romp around the stage conjuring pure hilarity from thin air.

Improvapalooza will also be a good time to congratulate the Improvisors on 10 years of side-splitting performances. Or to sue them for it. For tickets, call the KY Center at 502-584-7777 or go online: www.louisvilleimprov.com and click on the monkey. For more information: Celebrate another Louisville anniversary next week when The Back Door turns 25. Photo: Courtesy Louisville Improvisors

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