Louisville mayor appoints ‘sustainability’ czar [Opinion: The Arena]

Czar Greg

Today, Mayor Fischer proved all of us wrong.  There has developed absolutely no evidence of any quid pro quo between Greg Fischer and Jackie Green, and it now appears that all of our fears of impropriety were unfounded.

None of this means, however, that Fischer’s appointment of a sustainability czar is anything other than a silly and wasteful act of leftist symbolism.  “Sustainability” is a neo-Marxian buzzword for an expansion of governmental control over private market decision-making, in an effort to stem a non-existent “ecological crisis.”

Last Earth Day, the National Association of Scholars released a Statement highly critical of the “sustainability” movement.   NAS president Peter Wood said:

EarthDayLenin.jpg"Sustainability sounds like a call for recycling and clean drinking water.   But its proponents are much more ambitious. For them, a sustainable society is one that replaces the market economy with top-down regulation. They present a frightening story in which the earth is on the brink of disaster and immediate action is needed. This is a tactic aimed at silencing critics, shutting down debate, and mobilizing students who never get the opportunity to hear opposing views.

“In practice, this means that sustainability is used as a means of promoting a view that capitalism and individualism are ‘unsustainable,’ morally unworthy, and a present danger to the future of the planet.  As a creed among creeds, sustainability constitutes an upping of the ideological ante.  The sustainability movement (has) nothing less than the preservation of life on earth at its heart.

“The sustainability movement is, in a word, unsustainable.  It runs too contrary to the abiding purposes of higher education; it is too rife with internal contradictions; and it is too contrary to the environmental, economic, and social facts to endure indefinitely.”

Maria Koetter may be a perfectly nice person.  There is every reason to believe that she would make a competent high school General Science teacher.  But, a “scientist” she is not.  On her web page she talks a lot about “carbon footprints,” “cap-and-trade,” and the whole litany of bogus global warming nostrums. 

Louisville’s new Director of Sustainability will create no jobs, repair no potholes, make the citizens no safer, and save the taxpayers no money.  It remains to be seen, of course, whether she will have the hubris to suggest that her efforts will contribute significantly to the saving of the planet.

Jake Payne, over at The 'Ville Voice, did an excellent job today of putting all on this into context:

easy being green.jpg“We can afford another $100K salary but can’t afford trash pickup. We can afford another $100K salary but can’t afford to feed the animals at Metro Animal Services. Think on just those two things for a moment.

“Shouldn’t sustainability be a function of government as it is? Without having to pay someone to tell you how not to be wasteful and ridiculous?

“Strikes us as bizarre because there’s no reason this information couldn’t be obtained for free through any number of channels. Greg Fischer has tons of green-types in his immediate circle.

“Maybe we’re reacting negatively because it’s Greg and he screws everything up. Just smells like more wasted money to us.

Smells like that to us, too, Jake.


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