Louisville news: Another day, more stories of unethical Kentucky politicians edition [News]

  • "The threat of a 35 percent cut in Medicaid reimbursements is sure to rally the troops to call on state lawmakers to reach a budget agreement during this special session. The problem is that the threat - and the spreading of the threat - comes during what appears to be a political move to bolster Gov. Steve Beshear’s re-election chances. Beshear spent Monday and Tuesday flying around the state, including a stop in Bowling Green, spreading the message about the impending cuts." [Bowling Green Daily News]
  • "The Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services has embarked on a campaign of obfuscation aimed at preventing the public from learning the details about the death of a toddler under the cabinet’s supervision. The child and his mother, then 14, had been under the supervision of cabinet social workers who had placed both in foster care. They were moved because the home where they had been staying had no food, water or electricity. The infant died in May 2009 after drinking drain cleaner at what police have described as a methamphetamine lab. The Cabinet for Health and Family Services has a blanket policy of refusing to disclose all information in child abuse and neglect cases. The cabinet's bias in favor of confidentiality seems to be driven more by the culture of the agency, 'which seeks to avoid public scrutiny,' than by the law, a judge said. [Society for Professional Journalists via WFPL]

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