Louisville news: Bang bang my baby shot me down edition [News roundup]

  • An AMA-affiliated panel says that Rand Paul (who was in town over the weekend for the National Gun Day show) isn’t board certified to practice optometry—something his patients likely didn’t figure out until AFTER they were fitted for new glasses and could finally read the papers on his wall. [WAVE]
  • A leak of hazardous vapors from a rail car at the Dow Chemical plant in Rubbertown is contained in a few hours. Clearly, BP had nothing to do with the cleanup. [Fox41]
  • The New York Times does a story on Louisville’s downtown, complete with photos depicting rolled-up sidewalks. [New York Times]
  • The Breeders Cup is coming to Churchill Downs. Play your cards right, Louisville, and it could be here to stay. [Courier-Journal]
  • Frazier Museum purchases Mary Todd Lincoln insane asylum commitment papers. And they supposedly want to get away from being associated with guns… [WFPL]

Photo: Courtesy Kentucky Historical Society