Louisville news: Beshear's ark park continues to embarrass Kentucky edition [News]

  • "Conceived by the Christian ministry that built the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Ky., the Ark Encounter park aims to promote a literal interpretation of the Bible by 'proving' that Noah had room on his vessel to fit two of every kind of animal. Ark Encounter is owned by a profit-making company, of which the ministry is a part owner. The project enjoys strong support from Kentucky’s Democratic governor, Steve Beshear, who says it is an opportunity to create an estimated 900 jobs. We suspect he is also eager to please an important political constituency. Under current Supreme Court doctrine, Kentucky’s support of the proselytizing theme park seems likely to withstand a possible church-state legal challenge, assuming state officials were scrupulous in applying the neutral financial criteria in the state’s economic development law. It is not even clear that the court’s conservative majority would find taxpayers have standing to sue. But granting tax incentives to the explicitly Christian enterprise clearly clashes with the First Amendment’s prohibition on government establishment of religion. Public money is not supposed to pay to advance religion. Kentucky’s citizens should certainly ask themselves if this is really the best use of taxpayer dollars."[New York Times]
  • "Five months after firing its human resources director last year, the Metropolitan Sewer District paid him $140,000 as part of a settlement that required him to keep silent about allegations he'd made about waste, fraud and mismanagement within the agency, The Courier-Journal has found. A copy of the Dec. 15 settlement, which the newspaper acquired under the Kentucky Open Records law, shows that MSD denied the validity of Jerry Ferguson's allegations but agreed 'to provide (him) with certain conditions,' including the money, which was slightly less than a year's salary at the time of his departure."

Photo: Commonwealth of Kentucky

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