Louisville news: Fancy Farm edition [News]

  • "Political theater is a tradition at Fancy Farm, and the 130th edition Saturday didn’t disappoint. Attorney General Jack Conway, the Democratic nominee, had a 'Rand Paul Waffle House' set up behind the stage to highlight the charge that Paul has changed positions on several issues, or that his beliefs are risky...For his part, Paul had someone parading around in a Flipper dolphin suit, an allegation that Conway has flip-flopped on a proposal to regulate carbon emissions from power plants, expressing support for it last year before opposing the 'cap and trade' legislation this year."[Bluegrass Politics]
  • "The New Yorker this week has a very interesting article by George Packer about the U.S. Senate. Both of Kentucky’s senators get several mentions, and Jim Bunning‘s name appears eight times. The references are sometimes meant humorously, but they illustrate Bunning’s relationship to his colleagues and his place in the deliberative body." [WFPL]
  • "Six state workers and their labor union sued Gov. Steve Beshear on Friday seeking a court injunction against six days of unpaid furlough that Beshear announced in July as a cost-saving measure." [Bluegrass Politics]
Photo: Flickr/Gage Skidmore
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