Louisville news: Hoping U.S. soccer is as hot as Louisville is edition [News roundup]

  • "At a time when various 527s are preparing to run ads in the Kentucky Senate race, the Democratic National Committee has come out swinging. A new video from the DNC hits Republican Candidate Rand Paul, along with Representatives Joe Barton, Michelle Bachman and Eric Cantor, on their comments about the gulf oil spill and the BP escrow account." [The Edit]
  • "Eastern Parkway reopened near the University of Louisville Belknap Campus on Tuesday in a ceremony that included Gov. Steve Beshear, U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth, Mayor Jerry Abramson and U of L President James Ramsey." [Courier-Journal]
  • Today's expected high (in addition to your local barista): 96 degrees [Weather Channel]
Photo: Flickr/kmohman