Louisville news: Is it any surprise that Aqua Buddha is omnipresent? edition [News]

  • "Republican U. S. Senate nominee Rand Paul said Monday he is 'not sure' if he will participate in an Oct. 25 debate on Kentucky Educational Television with Democratic rival Jack Conway." [Bluegrass Politics]
  • More on Aqua Buddha and the debate from The Economist, Gawker and New York Times
  • "Accusing his opponent of trading a Metro government department for a political endorsement, Republican Hal Heiner has called on Democrat Greg Fischer to release all documents that were drafted with former mayoral candidate Jackie Green, an independent who withdrew after being promised “significant input” in selecting a cabinet-level office. Last Friday, Green stunned political observers when he dropped out and endorsed Fischer. reported that members of Fischer’s campaign were trying to persuade the bicycle advocate to get out. Earlier that day, LEO Weekly reported that Green said he wasn’t leaving the campaign, but a few hours later it was announced that he had dropped out and would be consulting with Fischer about the Office of Sustainability, a new department that would report directly to the mayor and work to make Louisville a greener city." [LEO Weekly]
Photo: Flickr/Ivan Walsh
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