Louisville news: Kentucky Legislative Ethics Commission to pay Jack Abramoff $5,000 to teach our legislators ethics edition [News]

Jack Abramoff is coming to Kentucky.
  • "Jack Abramoff, recently described by “60 Minutes” as perhaps 'the most notorious and crooked lobbyist of our time,' will help teach ethics to Kentucky lawmakers during the opening week of the 2012 legislative session. The Kentucky Legislative Ethics Commission is paying Abramoff a $5,000 speaking fee, plus expenses, to tell legislators how his corrupt actions helped him rise to the top of Washington’s lobbying world — and end up serving 3½ years in prison after pleading guilty in 2006 to corrupting public officials, tax evasion and fraud. George Troutman, the commission’s chairman, said of the decision to have Abramoff as the featured speaker: 'If you look at what this training for legislators is supposed to accomplish, I don’t think there’s anybody better on the face of the earth.'" [Courier-Journal]
  • "Ear-X-tacy, 2226 Bardstown Road, which has closed for daily operations, will open its doors one more time, on Thursday and Friday, to sell off its remaining stock." [Courier-Journal]

Photo: Courtesy Wikimedia

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