Louisville news: A Poke in the Eye (With a Sharp Stick) edition [News roundup]


  •  Spaghetti Junction named one of the nation's worst bottlenecks; no word on what city mixes the most metaphors. [WAVE]
  • Want to know all about the MMA fight later this month? Take your fingers out of the other guy’s eyes and come by Fourth Street Live at 2:30 today. [GoToLouisville]
  • Speaking of eyes, ophthalmologist-by-training Rand Paul says he is board certified—by the group he helped create. [MSNBC
  • The Supreme Court is keeping its, uh, nose out of New Albany’s fight to close an adult book and movie store. Guess they know it when they don’t see it. [Fox41]
  • After a year and a half, Otter Creek park is reopening “sooner rather than later.” Watch this space. [Courier-Journal]
    • Photo: Courtesy The U.S. Army