Louisville news: Richie Farmer likes purty beauty pageants edishun [News]

  • "A week and a half ago, John Cheves at the HL broke the news that while every other agency and state worker in Frankfort was implementing unpaid furloughs, Richie Farmer was choosing not to for himself. In his Department of Agriculture that has already shown several cases of extravagant spending while every other agency is cutting back. Which leads me to ask: why has the Department of Agriculture given $113,310.46 to the 'Miss KY Scholarship' over the last 4 years? Spending defined under 'Pro Contract?'" [Barefoot and Progressive]
  • "Monday is the deadline to register to vote in Kentucky’s May 17th primary. Minors who will be 18 before the November 8th general election are eligible and entitled to register to vote in the primary." [WFPL]

Photo: Courtesy Kentucky Department of Agriculture

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