Louisville news: When Yoshimi battled the pink robots, did he win? edition [News roundup]

  • "Gov. Steve Beshear’s administration will furlough most state workers for six days in the fiscal year that began July 1 to save about $24 million under a plan presented to the Kentucky Personnel Board on Friday." If Beshear has to make cuts this drastic--it's about a 2.8 percent pay cut for state workers--how does he justify using state funds to file frivilous lawsuits in attempt to placate Kentucky's horseracing industry, which must be disappointed in Beshear's inability to deliver slots? [Bluegrass Politics]
  • "Topless [Ashley] Judd jeered by pro-coal golfers. Yes, this headline is accurate. A poster featuring the Kentucky native sans shirt was displayed at a Prestonburg golf course with the dual intentions of (1) ridiculing her staunch environmentalism and (2) getting more people to buy memberships at the gold course because, hey, look: boobs!" It's amazing how often rich white people fail to get it. [LEO Weekly]
  • "Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed selected interim Chief George N. Turner as the nominee to fill the southern city’s police chief position, overlooking Louisville Metro Police Chief Robert White, who had been a candidate for the job. It is the second time this year that White has been passed over for a police chief position in another city." [LEO Weekly]
  • The Forecastle Festival was this weekend. Louisville.com covered it. [Louisville.com]
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