Louisville vs. Florida - It DIDN'T end with the Sugar Bowl Win



You’ve been hearing and reading stories about how The Sugar Bowl (33-23) win is going to benefit the state, the city and the University Of Louisville.  I am not here to debate such high-minded things.  I am here to talk about THE REMATCH online.  So while the Sugar Bowl Football win is still sweetly being celebrated here in Louisville, across the internet the debate rages on….The Battle is NOT over. 

(photo by Tim Girton)

The Brigade, a website mostly dedicated to brave GI’s and Hot Girls…okay mostly Hot Girls, has launched the ultimate battle.  This is an online showdown of U of L Cheerleaders vs. Florida Gators Cheerleaders.    151 Pictures posted to determine who has the hottest cheerleaders.                                                                                                                (Now I know that some of these photos are of dance teams, and some are not the current crop of cheerleaders…but I think CARDINALS win again…What do you think?)



Looking Cheerleader-ish

Booty Shots

Stacked – No not like that – Cheerleaders

So Who wins?  You can see the entire blogging battle just CLICK HERE