Louisville's Ali takes a jab at Iran [News]


Muhammed Ali, boxing legend, and Louisville's most recognizable and photographed citizen, is now throwing a jab at Iran.

Ali is the leader of a prominent group of U.S. Muslims who are demanding the release of Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal, Americans charged with espionage after wandering into Iran, the result of a long Iraqi hike.

The Americans have been in custody since 2009, and were recently able to call home to their families. For the detainees, it was the third call home in as many years.

Once word of the phone call reached Ali, he quickly organized an appeal to the Iranian government.

Bauer and Fattal were supposed to have their day in court May 11, but the 11th came and went without either Bauer and Fattal entering a courtroom.

The A.P. said Ali's wife Lonni, spoke for her husband at the press conference.

She said ,"[the two Americans only] wanted to experience the world, they wanted to experience other cultures, they wanted to experience other people."



photo:  Wikipedia