Louisville's snow routes map - find out what streets have been plowed [Technology]


A snow storm is a brewing and though that means a snow day for some, others still have to fight the elements. Find out when a route was last salted, pretreated, or plowed using Louisville's interactive snow routes map.

I can't really give a fair assessment of the tool, as I only attempted to give it a whirl on one occasion using my uber geeky Macbook; which tends to have issues from time to time with compatibility. 

That being said, I'd love to hear from you on how useful you found the tool and any comments you'd like to share. Check out the map here

Oh yeah, don't forget to stock up on eggs, milk, bread and ummm... bourbon. The 3-5 inches we're expecting could be a doozy.

Thanks to Downtown_Lou for the tip.

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Photo: Flickr/JKleeman

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