Make Your Own Gingerbread House


Sweet Surrender Dessert Café & Coffee Shop, located at 1804 Frankfort Avenue, is offering Gingerbread House Kits for just $29.95 this holiday season. People of all ages can now experience the holiday tradition of assembling their very own edible houses.

The Gingerbread House Kit includes all the materials necessary to create a fanciful or traditional gingerbread house: candy, gingerbread, icing, and an icing piping bag. Orders for the gingerbread houses must be placed 48 hours in advance as each kit is *baked fresh to order*.

And since the gingerbread is baked using one of Sweet Surrender's award-wining recipes, home builders can be assured that their gingerbread house will taste at least as good as it looks.

For more information about the desserts available at Sweet Surrender, please visit the website: Orders for special occasion desserts and gift boxes can be placed by calling (502) 899-2008. 48 hours notice on all special orders is appreciated.