Measure for KY Shakespeare show [Theater]

KY Shakespeare


Vienna faces a controversial death penalty while its leader roams around in disguise in Measure for Measure, which opens for Kentucky Shakspeare on Thursday.
Measure for Measure performances will go on Aug. 2-5 at 8:30 p.m. each night. All performances are to happen in Central Park, located at the corner of 4th and Magnolia Streets in the Old Louisville neighborhood.
All shows are free, although VIP seating is available for $20 per person. The VIP seating comes with Adirondack chairs, frozen drinks, and wait service, among other things.  More information can be found by calling 502-574-9900.
Measure for Measure focuses on VIenna, where Lord Angelo, a strict interim leader, has had a man arrested for violation of sexual activity laws. That man is sentenced to death. However, the real leader, The DUke, is still watching his kingdom, albeit in disguise.
The Globe Players will put on this production. More information on KY Shakespeare can be found on its website.
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(Image from KY Shakespeare)