MGMT will play in Louisville November 22nd


Psychedelic pop hipster (I don't think I'd ever have thought those words would go together) duo are due to stop in Louisville on November 22nd, making November one of the most concert packed months of the year.  In support of their self-titled 3rd studio album, Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser hit the road on November 10th and making Louisville a stop on their tour further solidifies our fair city on the map of some of the most popular global acts going.  

While some of their tracks escape my realm of keen interest, their collaboration with Kid Cudi on 'Pursuit of Happiness' is certainly on the list of all time feel good jams.  Their latest release is pursuant with their unique sound, has some catchy rips, and yet still has come to some mixed review.  

The venue is still a mystery, presale tickets will be available this Friday but stay tuned should you wish to chase your own MGMT happiness.

Venue: Not in my house


Photo Credit: The Guardian

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