Miniature ponies make everything better

Print I have a beautiful vision of highly caffeinated six year olds jousting on miniature ponies. This probably won't happen, but it's worth stopping by La Vida Java on March 19 just in case. This probably isn't what La Vida Java has in mind, but a girl can dream. Friday, March 19 they're introducing a line of Kentucky themed artisian coffees benefiting equine charities. They're kicking things off with steaming hot cups of "My Racing Heart."  Healing Hooves is bringing miniature ponies to the coffee shop in celebration.Miniature ponies and coffee.I'm still trying to rinse my brain of all the awesome possibilities they probably won't allow. C'mon, new moms! Down a couple large cups of "My Racing Heart," nurse your babies until they're hyped up on the caffeine, then dress the tykes in Jockey onesies and strap them onto a miniature pony's back for races around the parking lot! No? Are you sure? I bet your Baby Bjorn would fit snugly on a miniature pony. Just think about it. La Vida JavaWestport Village1301 Herr LaneLouisville, KY 40222
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