A Minute With: Patrick Hallahan


Not since Animal on The Muppet Show has a drummer with hair and attitude been so much fun to watch. This month I took a minute to beat the skins with Patrick Hallahan of Louisville’s My Morning Jacket.

As is well-documented, hair is a very important element of the band’s success. How do you avoid getting your hair caught in your drumsticks?
I brush the tangles out when I can and take lots of vitamins.

Did you pick up any good hair tips while flipping through Seventeen magazine to find your latest review?
Sarah Michelle Gellar had a great remedy for split ends that I tried. I also found her tips on strengthening nails very useful.

How many times a day would you say you have to ask lead singer Jim James not to sleep on your shoulder in the van?
It’s not just in the van; it’s all the time.

How does guitarist Johnny Quaid keep his movie-star looks on the road?
He sleeps in rollers and a princess eye mask. We don’t want wrinkles on those teen-idol eyes now, do we?

What have you found to be the best road-trip snack?
String cheese — you can find it in every gas station and it’s fun to eat.

So, string cheese in your morning jacket, what do you like to eat in your dinner jacket?
A succulent breast of duck and smashed potatoes.

While growing up, did you have to re-enact “The Little Drummer Boy” every Christmas?
Actually, I was never asked. But I did have a dance scene behind a fake whale in a sixth-grade production of Jonah once. That was my first rave review in Maxim.

Can I follow you guys around like the kid reporter in Almost Famous, and if so, what kind of perks can I expect?
Sure, you can come along. Some of the perks include riding around in a van with a bunch of sweaty guys and rapid hearing loss. But you get free ice cream after every show.