Movie Meltdown presents the Movie Geek Art Show

Movie Meltdown presents the Movie Geek Art Show

For one of my jobs, I work at an eccentric contemporary art gallery. One evening, we had a guest speaker, whose name I unfortunately can't remember, whose art had been present for some time. The series, I believe, was called Women Walking, and each of these six (I think – it's been a while) paintings featured women walking away. There was another thread which held these together: all these images were from movies. This artist was fascinated by the cinema, and by these six films in particular, each of which contained a shot of a woman walking away. The artist would obtain blown-up frames of the scene, then paint it – but not always directly. She may take the basic pose from one frame, positioning of the limbs from another, the way the hair is blowing in the wind from another. These were beautiful works, inspired by some fantastic films, the clips of which she shared with us during her talk.

Art inspires art, and that is the thought behind the Movie Geek Art Show, whose opening reception is tonight at the Hilltop Tavern. The show has been curated by none other than Bryan Renfro, creator of the exciting and eccentric Movie Meltdown podcast, in which regular readers know I occasionally participate (various of my full movie reviews can be found on the website). The show will feature works by over 20 local artists who were inspired by the movies they love. Included is a piece by Renfro himself – a 3D installation detailing a well-known scene from Jaws.

The Hilltop Tavern is located at 1800 Frankfort Avenue. The art will be up until September 26, but the opening reception is tonight at 6:00. Various of the podcasters will be on hand to spread joy and goodwill, as well as information about the show. For complete details, see the Facebook event page.

Image: Facebook event page

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