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The problem is that the film takes itself too seriously. Such a portrayal of men might work as an obviously exaggerated caricature, and I suppose it is possible that this was the intended purpose. If so, however, the filmmakers failed in their goal tremendously - the viewer comes away feeling that Oldham is dead serious about the implied message. As a result, the character of Summer (and the woman who created her) comes across as a crazy, contradictory, and hypocritical misandryst.

But is it entertaining? Sometimes. While most of the acting is a tad on the dismal side, Oldham actually gives a better-than-terrible performance, playing the character of Summer with a stoic calmness. It feels almost as if she isn’t actually acting, but rather playing herself (which makes sense, as the idea for the film came from her own experiences as a phone sex operator in Los Angeles). This works in her favor, though, as she doesn’t exaggerate herself – she just lets herself be who she is.

In addition, Shane Woodson himself plays the sometimes-amusing (but always disturbing) character of Dudley: a man who likes to pretend he is Elvis and is tempted by the thought of women, despite being gay. He is ultimately the main antagonist, and of all the poorly-portrayed characters, Dudley was probably the least offensive choice for that role, aesthetically. The bizarreness of the character at least lends some entertainment value (excepting an extremely awkward fellatio scene that will probably haunt my dreams).

That’s about all the praise that can be given. What we ultimately have here is the amalgamation of a poor script, unimaginative directing and camera-work, and generally weak acting. Don’t take my word for it, though; while it’s not “so-bad-it’s-good,” it is so-ridiculous-it’s-worth-seeing-for-yourself. Those who wish to do so have only today and tomorrow during which to do so before it leaves the theater.

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