Mystery of the indoor "smoking lounge" at the outdoor Forecastle Festival solved [Music]


It’s illegal to give away sample cigarettes, but the law says nothing about giving away free air conditioning. Step inside, enjoy comfortable couches, good art, and have a relaxing smoke. While you’re at it, you can have a coupon for $5 off a pack of American Natural cigarettes. Why look - the booth right next to them happens to be selling American Natural’s! What a coincidence!

It’s great inside the smoking lounge.

As a lifelong non-smoker, it pains me to admit this may secretly be my favorite booth. It’s 92 degrees outside and 65 degrees inside. I can’t stand cigarettes, but I would cheerfully take up the habit just to spend more time in the cool, delicious, albiet smoke filled air. Heck, it’s nice just standing near the door when people come in and out.

This has to be the single most brilliant marketing tactic I’ve ever seen at an outdoor festival.

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