Mystics and MacCrimmon in Whodunnit's Blackwood Hall

The Haunting at Blackwood Hall

Mystics, a skeletal hand, and Elizabeth MacCrimmon arrive for The Haunting at Blackwood Hall, the world-premiere Whodunnit Murder Mystery Theater show that opens tomorrow.

The Haunting at Blackwood Hall will take place on Saturday evenings from Sept. 21-Oct. 26 at 7 p.m. each night. A matinee show is to happen on Sun. Oct. 6 at noon. All performances are to happen at the Ramada Plaza, located at 9700 Bluegrass Parkway in J-Town.

Tickets for each show, which include dinner, tax, and gratuity, are $45.50 per person. Advance reservations are required and can be done by calling Whodunnit at 502-426-7100. 

When ordering tickets, don't forget to choose between dinner options of grilled breast of chicken, baked Tilapia, or vegetarian lasagna. Those coming to the matinee will have a breakfast buffet plus a grilled breast of chicken or vegetarian lasagna. 

Turn-of-last-century Savannah never seemed so haunted or scary, especially when creepy and random things happen at Blackwood Hall. Among the people and things that pay the place a visit are a mystic who hears voices from beyond, a random skeletal hand on a sofa, an unknown veiled woman, and Elizabeth MacCrimmon, fresh off the wreck of the Morgan Faire.

Audiences will have a chance to figure out who or what is haunting Blackwood Hall. In between scenes, the characters will roam through the tables. Audience members can ask the characters questions, and the characters, in turn, must answer truthfully or evade the question.

Lying is not an option except when the characters are asked if they are the murderer. That answer will be no.

A.S. Waterman created The Haunting at Blackwood Hall, which Craig Nolan Highley directed. Jane Mattingly is featured as Elizabeth MacCrimmon. Other cast members include Jeremy Gutierrez, Jeff McQueen, Tom Staudenheimer, Ann Waterman, Niles Welch, and Morgan Younge.

Following Blackwood Hall, Whodunnit will present Murder at the Queen's Table. That production will open in November. 

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(Image from Whodunnit Murder Mystery Theater)