Necklaces to covet [Fashion]


Leave it to the fab girls at the Dressing Room (2836 Frankfort Avenue) to give shoppers an easy to follow go-to "It List" of the hottest summer looks! I'm completely enamored with the Mawi necklace, in all of its colorful glory. However, with an $820 price tag I'll have to choose carefully between my mortgage or my jewelry, and I really don't want to make my jewelry collection sad by not adding this exquisite piece to it. That would be cruel and unfair, wouldn't it? Sorry mortgage!

Here are a couple of other fab options for those of us with Moet taste on a PBR budget.

Ann Taylor Torsade Necklace with stone pendant - $128.

Ann Taylor Dew Drop Necklace - $98.

Ann Taylor Leather Wrap Bracelet - $20.

Ann Taylor Jungle Statement Ring - $48.

Photos courtesy: Ann Taylor website