New Albanian Brewing Company presents a free screening of 'Koch Brothers Exposed' [Movies]

New Albanian Brewing Company presents a free screening of 'Koch Brothers Exposed

It looks like the Occupy movement is finally winding down. Agree or disagree, it was certainly a spectacle to witness, not only on a national level, but our own chapter right here in Louisville. Although the movement was not terribly well organized and a firm, specific objective was never outlined, I still find it inspiring to see so many people rise up to decry the level of corporate greed existent in our country. It is ironic, isn't it – and here I delve into personal opinion – that the most Nationalistic of Americans would willingly be duped into handing control over to large corporate entities when this country was founded on principles of Democracy, i.e. rule by the people.

Tonight, the New Albanian Brewing Company presents a free screening of the documentary “Koch Brothers Exposed,” made by filmmaker Robert Greenwald (“Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Prices”). With a tag-line of “The 1% at its very worst,” the film presents a case against Charles and David Koch, billionaire industrialists responsible for the conservative political advocacy group Americans For Prosperity. Their aims are pretty standard as far as conservative political goals go – they strive for lower taxes and limited government – but the documentary posits that the organization, and the Koch brothers, are much more devious in nature.

“Koch Brothers Exposed” plays tonight for free in the New Albanian Brewing Company Prost room. NABC is located at 3312 Plaza Drive in New Albany (obviously). The website gives no indication as to the time of the film screening; information can be found by calling 812-944-2577.

More information about “Koch Brothers Exposed” can be found at the film's official website.

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