New Cinemark theater to open at Mall St. Matthews [Movies]

New Cinemark theater to open at Mall St. Matthews [Movies]

If one had to name the epitome of mainstream American culture, the answer would surely be The Mall: an impossibly huge structure full of chain stores, horrible raucous music, babbling teenagers, and obese parents yelling at their unruly children, all of which is surrounded by acres of space specifically reserved for suburban gas-guzzlers. It was no mistake that George A. Romero set “Dawn of the Dead” in a shopping mall, setting the stage for probably one of the most heavy-handed metaphors in the history of cinema.

Probably best to avoid the whole affair. But, alas, film fans will soon have a reason to brave the treachery: demolition of the building formerly housing Dillard's at Mall St. Matthews began yesterday to make room for a brand-spankin'-new 10-screen movie theater owned by Cinemark, whose Tinseltown theater has graced the Westport Shopping Center for as long as this writer can remember.

Mall owners General Growth Properties have given assurances that they anticipate “minimal disruption of parking and traffic during demolition and construction.”

Construction will begin in August, with plans to open in spring 2013.

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