New clues released in Theatre Treasure Hunt [Contests]


The final clues for the Tom Sawyer Treasure Hunt were released this morning from and Actors Theatre.

Solve the clue, take a picture of yourself sporting a Mark Twain mustache at the prominent Louisville location and win a free ticket to opening night of ATL's Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Click here to see the introduction, other clues and the Mark Twain mustache.

The new clues:

  • Take your “heine” to this locally owned shop and enjoy an organic cup-o-joe.
  • Who needs a safari? There is a wild adventure waiting right here.
  • You don’t need a lab coat to enjoy this center for fun and discovery.
  • Hit it out of the park at this legendary museum.
  • Find the Actors Theatre booth at the perfect fair for courting art lovers.
  • Hop in the box, grab props and say cheese at this picture perfect place.
  • Nature’s Monarch enjoys a spot of tea on Bardstown Road.
  • Diane Sawyer’s dad would be proud of this natural wonderland.
  • This patron saint of retail loves cheesecake and chess.
  • Visit the main location where the alphabet slurs its words after a few too many.
  • Get your picture taken where the calliope calls.