New Meetup group: Film Making in Louisville [Movies]


I feel incredibly inspired recently. I have had the opportunity to meet with many people involved in the local film scene: Bryan Renfro, who runs a podcast all about movies; David Brewer, creator of the film “Nothing in the Flowers”; Herschel Zahnd who made the slasher film “Girl Number Three” and has a filmmaking podcast. It makes a guy want to try out the filmmaking thing for himself.

I have more good news for fellow aspiring filmmakers: I happened to receive in my e-mail yesterday a notification of a new Meetup group, succinctly titled “Film Making in Louisville,” designed for people interested in “making short films, submitting entries to national/international contests, promoting local film making projects, [and] helping others learn how to make short films on a budget of zero.” Anyone and everyone involved or interested in this art form are welcome. It is meant not only as a gathering of like-minded souls, but as a pool of resources for anybody involved in the filmmaking process – actors can find film projects to participate in; directors can meet people knowledgeable about technical aspects of film such as editing, lighting, or sound; musicians can find a home for their music in somebody’s film.

The first meetup is scheduled for this Sunday, January 22 at 6:00 pm at Java Brewing Company (1707 Bardstown Road). The purpose of this meetup is for everybody to introduce themselves and share their current or prospective film projects. Those wishing to bring media should bring it on a USB drive or a DVD, as the presentation medium is an iMac27. Videos to be presented are requested to be kept at a PG-13 level, since the meeting is in a public place.

Signing up for the group is easy: just go to the Meetup site and fill out your profile!

Image courtesy of the Meetup group site.