New2Lou 2nd Wednesday Social is tomorrow at Hillbilly Tea [Louisville newbie]


Just an FYI for all those new to Louisville. New2Lou's 2nd Wednesday social is tomorrow July 14th from 5:30-8:30pm.  This month's social will be held at Hillbilly Tea at 120 South 1st St. in the heart of downtown Louisville.

As so eloquently put in their event invite from Facebook:
Who's New2Lou you may ask…amazing people from all over the world, all walks of life, from architects to zoologists. Why Louisville? Why not? Are you New to Lou? Join us and meet other newcomers and locals that can provide insiders information to you - who are New to Lou.

What do we do? Socialize, meet new people, ask advise for places to eat, get your hair cut, live, park, etc. Where do I get breakfast at 4 in the morning? What about my haircut? Are there any drink specials on Wednesdays? Any free local music? Heard of city scoot? What about the PARC card?

Not New2Lou? That's OK, you’re invited too! After all we need insider information from you!

Come find out why people are moving here and why they can leave but always come back.

So go check it out and meet some new people. More information can be found on their facebook, twitter, or meetup accounts.

Photo Courtesy of Hillbilly Tea

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