New2Lou 2nd Wednesday Social is tonight at Bluegrass Brewing Company's new downtown location [Louisville newbie]


New2Lou is hosting their monthly 2nd Wednesday Social tonight from 5:30pm-8:00pm at Bluegrass Brewing Company (BBC), 300 West Main St. in downtown Louisville. BBC has a new location across from the arena. Come try the locally brewed beer and meet some new people. The group will be located on the lower level in the back corner (all good things happen in back corners!).

New2Lou is a meetup group that is aimed at helping people transition to living in Louisville. It is a group of helpful folks ready and willing to answer any questions about Louisville; where to live, where to get the best hair cut, where to get breakfast at 4am? Even if you aren't new to Louisville all are welcome to socialize and appreciate one of the many great and unique places Louisville has to offer.

Learn more about New2Lou on their facebook page, twitter account, or meetup page.

Photo courtesy of New2Lou facebook page

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