The Nice List: Louisville’s Holiday Gift Guide 2011 [Christmas]



Original Prints from Local Artists

$10 and up. Prices vary.
Every house needs original art. Begin your collection by starting with these affordable prints from local artists.

Killer Soaps

$5 each.
It’s safe to use these as long as you have a permit. Bang!

Where to find these: Revelry Boutique Gallery, 980 Barret Avenue. (502) 414-1278.


Rednek Wine Glasses

$15 each.
Okay all you secret kountry bumkin’s, drink your libations in style this season. These are grandma’s fancy drinkin’ glasses. Yee haw!

Flora/Fauna Ornaments

$5 and up. Prices vary.
Tons, I mean tons, of unique ornaments to make you cry “Oh Tannenbaum!”

Kentucky Cutting Boards

$50 each.
These Maple edge grain butcher-block cutting boards are durable, resistant to bacteria, and keep your knives sharper longer.  Who can resist the ode to horse inlays?

Where to find these: Regalo, 982 Barret Avenue. (502) 583-1798.


Beer Making Kit

$65 for the Basic Kit.
They not only sell the kits, they have the ingredients, recipes, and FREE workshops to make your signature flavor. This really is the gift that keeps on giving. Bottoms up!

Where to find this: My Old Kentucky Homebrew, 1437 Story Avenue (502) 589-3434.