The Nice List: Louisville’s Holiday Gift Guide 2011 [Christmas]


Orly Wexler Jewelry

$140. Prices vary.
Jewelry designer Orly Wexler gives new definition to urban chic. She combines rubber and semi-precious stones in sterling silver and gold settings. Yes, please!

Julia Comer Jewelry

$50 and up. Prices vary.
Julia’s jewelry collections are stunning. She is also the owner of Flo Gallery (formally known as Objects of Desire). Stop in, you’ll be glad you did.

Where to find this: Flo Studio and Gallery, 803 E. Market Street (502) 458-4164.


Custom Fedoras and Hair Fascinators

$225. Prices vary.
Look simply smashing as you strut your stuff at the various holiday parties in a Danbury Shakes original.

Milk Moustache Ring

$10 each.
As shop owner Butch Sager puts it, “anyone can have a moustache ring, but we have the only milk moustache ring.”

Where to find these: Gifthorse, 805 Market Street (502) 645-8000.


Handmade Oil Burner and Oil Essence

$20 oil burner
$15 oil essence
$33 for the set

Your nose will thank you for stopping by this store and the fact you can take these scents home with you via this oil burner/essence set is an added bonus. Scents vary from Peppermint Rosemary, Orange Cinnamon to the easy favorite Lavender Vanilla. They also feature 4 Holiday scents that will quickly lead Santa to your chimney. All products are made in-house.

Where to find this: Peace of the Earth, 801 E. Market Street (502) 690-5707.