A night at the Juice Joint: Beauty for a Benefit Murder Mystery Dinner [Society]

A night at the Juice Joint: Beauty for a Benefit Murder Mystery Dinner [Society]

Chief Cameron. The police chief, who had ties to Nick’s henchman, Cy Ramsey, and Southside Sal, was the culprit, despite being listed on Nick’s payroll and possibly running for governor. It was a surprise for many and an unsettling reality for some. Either way, that night at the Juice Joint, we were all reminded that it can be a very, very cruel world.

But we were also reminded of the good in humanity at the heartfelt Beauty for a Benefit event. The Murder Mystery Dinner was a huge success, and I don’t say that lightly. From the cash bar that kept drinks flowing to the photo booth that captured some of the night’s most memorable moments, there was never a dull moment. A packed event with about 80 people in attendance, the Murder Mystery Dinner united guests together for a night of fun, and most importantly, a night of charity.

Upon our arrival, my friend and I posed on the red carpet in our best 1920's wear before transporting back into the Roaring Twenties. The Brown/Collins room at the Galt House, known as the Juice Joint that night, was beautifully decorated, providing the ambience of a 1920's speakeasy. Each table was ornately adorned with candles, gold coins, and signature feather boas, featuring various infamous gangsters to help us find our table. Bugsy Siegel, Al Capone, Lucky Luciano all made appearances – in case you were wondering.

With good vibes all around, it was clear that everyone, including myself, enjoyed their evening and for a good cause. Those involved with Beauty for a Benefit and Omagi Salon Spa - both led by Wes Auberry - put on a fantastic event that will undoubtedly aid the Home for the Innocents through the proceeds raised. The event was such a roaring success that Mayor Greg Fischer sent a proclamation, declaring October 13, 2012 as ‘Beauty for a Benefit and Home of the Innocents’ Day.' With such a special honor, the night was definitely one to remember.

In front of the Juice Joint, there stood a large tri-fold poster of three smiling faces. They were faces of children getting another chance at life, thanks to the Home of the Innocents. As everyone laughed and enjoyed a good night of mystery, those faces were never forgotten. Thanks to Beauty for a Benefit and Omagi Salon Spa, those faces simply couldn’t be forgotten. There is more work to be done for the Home of the Innocents, as Beauty for a Benefit has more planned for this year’s beneficiary. But for that moment, innocent children across Kentuckiana were honored, celebrated, and praised, even at the Juice Joint.

For more information on Beauty for a Benefit and their upcoming events, please visit http://www.beautyforabenefit.com.

Photo: Erika Clark

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