No yoga class for her...

O Guru Guru Guru

No, it's not you, it's her, and, no, there's more to why she won't go to yoga class.  Find out what when the Humana Festival presents O Guru Guru Guru beginning tonight.

O Guru Guru Guru will take place at various times and dates from Mar. 20-April 7.  All performances are to happen at the Victor Jory Theatre in Actors Theatre, located at 316 West Main Street in downtown Louisville.

Tickets for each show are $35-$40, depending on the show.  All tickets can be purchased at the Actors Theatre box office, the Actors Theatre website, or by calling Actors Theatre at 502-584-1205. 

O Guru Guru Guru's official title is O Guru Guru Guru or why I don't want to go to yoga class with you.  It's true, she doesn't want to go.  Yet, it's not the yoga pants, and it's not just the crazy moves they have to pull off.  According to the playwright, Mallery Avidon, it's a play that is in part based on her unorthodox upbringing as well as a response to the mainstreaming of spirituality.  

Lila Neugebauer directed the production for the Humana Festival.  

More information on this and other Humana Festival shows can be found at the Actors Theatre website.

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