NuLu to hold shopping fundraiser Friday to support Henryville tornado relief efforts [Charity]


When it comes to rebuilding a community, every penny counts -- and so does every show of support. East Market retailers and restaurants have teamed up with Dare to Care for a last-minute shopping fundraiser for the relief efforts in Henryville, Ind., following a string of devastating tornadoes last Friday.

The NuLu Tornado Relief Charity Shopping Event may not have a fancy name, but it has potential to raise much needed funds for the people within a devastated community.

The event runs Friday, March 9 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. along East Market Street.

40% of all sales will be donated
Red Tree
Swanson Reed Contemporary

15% of all sales will be donated
Peace of the Earth

10% of all sales will be donated
Garage Bar
Hudson Home
Gift Horse
Bluegrass Green Co.
Barry Wooley Designs

$1 for each pint of beer sold will be donated

5% of all sales and cookies will be donated
Cake Flour

5% of all sales will be donated
Taste Fine Wines & Spirits

Participating NuLu businesses will write a check to Dare to Care at the end of the day. The raised funds will help full an urgent need for basic necessities like food and clothing.

A PAVCO collection trailer will also be parked at Barry Wooley Designs during Friday’s shopping fundraiser, as well as on Saturday. They are asking for building supplies, non-perishable food, new clothing, new bedding, new toiletries, 8’ tables, mops, push brooms, tarps, batteries, storage containers, flashlights, laundry detergent, candles, matches and new underwear.