Occupy Louisville - In their own words [The Arena]

People at Occupy Louisville

For weeks, the Occupy Wall Street movement was frustrated by what seemed to be a news "blackout" by major media organizations. By last week, the movement had broken through to the point that it and the economic issues it brought back into public debate had become the number one story in the news media.

Much of the coverage, however, has been about the typical news "angles". By necessity, news media with limited time or space can only intersperse occasional sound bites from actual protestors into the narration provided by their reporter.

One of the key features of the movement, however, has been a commitment to allowing everyone to be heard who wants to be heard. For that reason, and so that readers can meet some of these people themselves and form their own opinions about what they say, I have been conducting interviews at the occupation and promising to put them online with little or no editing. They speak about who they are, what issues have brought them to the protest, what they think about the mechanics of their movement, and more. So without further ado... here is Occupy Louisville "in their own words". Come back to this article for new interviews that I'll post as I do them.

Part 1

Part 2