Offensive Explosion in Kentucky Derby Festival Classic, White Win [Sports]


The 6-foot-4 guard who said Louisville was a "no-brainer" for him finished in second, in both the Slam Dunk Competition and Three Point Competition. Two Oklahoma State signees beat out Rozier. Phil Forte(seen right) won the three point competition and Marcus Smart(seen left) won the slam dunk competition. Rozier and Smart finished the competition with a dunk-off.

Smart wowed the crowd doing a front flip then finishing with a reverse slam, giving him 28 points.

Video of Final Dunk:


However Roizer answered with a 360 dunk, but was only able to garner 27 points.

Video of Final Dunk:

Phil Forte won the 3-point competition with 19, but nobody cares about the 3-point competition, so we will move on.