The Orange-Peeled Art Drops of Ashley Brossart [visual art]


When I first heard of the Orange-Peeled Art Drops exhibit I thought of exactly what you’re probably thinking of, "orange peels, that’s weird."  When I seen the photographs of the art I was amazed at the intricacy of it. Ashley Brossart linked many areas in Louisville and San Francisco in such a way as to make the art develop not only into a mixed media and photographic art, but an interactive game as well.

In Ashley’s own words,” I leave small drawings that are loosely influenced by architectural spaces, urban landscapes and maps throughout a part of a city, or a specific site, that are based on a drawing that references the area where the pieces are dropped.

 When a dropped piece is found the finder can choose to scan the QR code or follow the link on the back of the piece to the web page that will display the original “map” that the found piece was once a part of. The options to take the piece with them, photograph the piece, or leave it where they found it for the next person to experience is left to be decided by the finder. ”

I took my piece of art, as I encourage you to, and I am looking forward to meeting with Ashley for her to sign it because I had a rather interesting experience with mine. Rather than coding mine I found where my piece fit in a quite a different way, one which the artist and I have discussed.  As it turns out the beauty of the art can also be a humanities study should one chose to pursue it. It is amazing what the mind can do with a piece of art in its hand.

The Orange–Peeled Art Drops Exhibit will be at Mellwood Art and Entertainment Center in November and December.