Ovarian Awareness of Kentucky teams up to run the Kentucky Derby Marathon and Mini-Marathon [Fitness and Health]


Ovarian Awareness of Kentucky (OAK) is asking for your support to fight the battle against the deadliest of all gynecological cancers by helping to reach its goal of raising $20,000 as its team continues training for the Kentucky Derby Marathon and Mini-Marathon on April 24, 2010.

Your contribution will ensure OAK can provide resources for support, networking, and education to improve the outcomes for women diagnosed with gynecological cancers, create awareness among women and our community of warning signs of Ovarian Cancer resulting in earlier detection, and encourage citizen participation in gynecological cancer issues through public education programs, media collaboration, and other community organizations.

Become a supporter, and help OAK and the women of Louisville "break the silence about Ovarian Cancer."  Visit active.com/donate/OAK to make a contribution, and educate yourself and all the women you love about the risk factors and symptoms of Ovarian Cancer by visiting OAK's website at ovarianawarenessofky.org.

Photo: Courtesy Ovarian Awareness of Kentucky

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