Oxmoor Death Crossing [St. Matthews]

There must be an obscure legal reason why a crosswalk exists in front of Oxmoor Mall. It's certainly not there to create a space where pedestrians can safely move from one side of the street to another. Perhaps the intersection is being secretly filmed for a reality show wherein wealthy people torture bus riders.

See, on one side of the street you have the mall. On the other side of the street you have a bus stop. In between, you have a deathtrap. If you're an eagle eyed observer who starts moving at a good clip the second the crosswalk says it's safe, you will not have enough time to cross before the left hand turn starts. That means you're quite literally stranded in the middle of the road while someone in a Lexus refuses guns it to make a left hand turn then stops abruptly five feet away from you and starts blaring on the horn. 

This shouldn't frustrate me so darn much, but putting a crosswalk outside Oxmoor Mall is like painting a bike lane in Spaghetti Junction.
Photo courtesy of Oxmoor Center. 
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