Photo Gallery: 2014 Rising Stars Gala for Tennessee and Kentucky


Last week, my husband and I were privileged to attend the 2014 Kentucky-Tennessee Rising Stars Gala. Put on by, the tasting gala was an event to remember. From appetizers to coffee, these were my very favorite offerings. Enjoy the photographs!

The winning dish was this incredible Australian Wagyu Carpaccio, Mushrooms, Squash Pickles, Nasturtiums, and Ranch, presented by Proof on Main's Levon Wallace

Annie Pettry of Decca provided this amazing carrots, buttermilk ricotta, brown butter egg yolk, and kale furikake. The combination of textures on this one was incredible, and my husband went back three times to have multiple servings. Honestly, this had my vote for best dish.

Ham maker (what a job!) Jay Denham of Curehouse provided this incredible Charcuterie

Matt Lackey of of Flyte World Dining and Wine in Nashville contributed this Trio of Beets: Cured, Forgotten, and Pickled Beets with House Ham and Dill Sauce. Hard to BEET.

Patrick Roney of Oakroom at the Seelbach Hilton was the VIP Host Chef. The Oakroom's offering was this
Smoked Australian Lamb Rack and Grenache-braised Shank, Winter Mushrooms, and Oregon Truffles.

Susie Hoyt of the Silver Dollar provided an incredible cocktail: Autumn Leaves with Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon, Ramazzotti, Antica Formula 1786, and Lime Juice. This drink was amazingly strong, as one would expect from the Silver Dollar, a Louisville take on the Manhattan.

Kayla Swartout of Capitol Grill in Nashville made this Chocolate Root Beer Cake, with Boylan's Red Birch Beer Sorbet, Ginger Marshmallow, Cherry Sphere, and Cherry Pearls. This was the most velvet-y, most luscious chocolate creation ever. The cherry sphere and the Birch Beer Sorbet provided just the right level of moisture and decadence to the spicy cake.

Roaster James Tooill of  Argo Sons provided the featured coffee: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Gelana Abaya, made through natural process. Sweet, floral and spicy, a great companion to the Chocolate Root Beer Cake.

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