Pin-up class with Go-Go Amy was two parts learning, one part slumber party [Attractions]

Boudoir Louisville

Plain Jane is hiding something.

Actually, her name is Candice Cox, but she’s a self-described plain Jane, a “T-shirt and flip-flops kinda girl” who doesn’t wear a lick of makeup and doesn’t need to. On this sweltering Saturday, though, she is camera ready with rosy cheeks, full lips and a face framed by curls. Proudly, she notes she did it all herself, with some guidance from today’s classmates and teachers.

“I warned everyone when we started that I’d be the problem child,” said Cox, “but I got it. I even learned how to do fake eyelashes.”

Cox was one of a dozen women who attended Go-Go Amy’s Pin-Up Modeling Class at Boudoir Louisville. Held in conjunction with the Beatersville Classic Car show, the pin-up class promised to show women how to unleash their inner bombshell.

For Cox, it was the opportunity to try something completely different from her everyday look. “It’s something to hang on the wall,” she said of her first photoshoot of the class, in which she wore a dark blue button-up dress and towering patriotically striped heels, which she’d naturally borrowed from a friend.

Then, of course, there’s the second shoot -- a stripped down, more intimate, boudoir-style session. “Those will be for the husband,” she said, smiling.

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A shot from Go-Go Amy and Boudoir Louisville's Pin-Up Modeling Class