Pin-up class with Go-Go Amy was two parts learning, one part slumber party [Attractions]

Boudoir Louisville

“Everyone should feel sexy,” insists Go-Go Amy, a pin-up model, burlesque dancer and founder of the traveling Pretty Things Peepshow. “I like to help ladies feel glamorous and gossipy.”

Go-Go Amy calls herself “the most unglamorous glamorous person alive,” but it’s difficult to see the unglamorous part of her. She is stunner, even in a simple cotton black dress with her hair pulled back behind a bandana. She credits the foundation of her makeup knowledge to her classic, hair-rollers-and-all grandmother and the drag queens she worked with in the theater scene.

“They’d make the world’s best tea party,” she said.

Never being overwhelmed by the makeup and styling helps. Too often, people see the finished pin-up product and believe it’s difficult to achieve. “It’s not,” she said. “It’s just different.”

Attendee Stevie Troxell agrees. She learned that firsthand in Amy’s class.

“I can do makeup, so I wasn’t worried about that part, but I am hair challenged,” Troxell said. “They made it so easy, though.”

Also a newcomer to vintage looks and pin-up modeling, Troxell said she wanted to visit Boudoir Louisville ever since seeing photos from a friend’s personal boudoir photo session months earlier. A dental assistant by day, she says she can’t get all dolled up regularly.

When asked what she’ll do with the photos, she has to think about it. Seems the photos are almost an afterthought to the experience, which Go-Go Amy describe as “a slumber party vibe.”

“It was everything I envisioned,” says Troxell of the class. “I would do it again.”

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A shot from Go-Go Amy and Boudoir Louisville's Pin-Up Modeling Class