Pin-up class with Go-Go Amy was two parts learning, one part slumber party [Attractions]

Boudoir Louisville

This weekend was Boudoir Louisville’s second year hosting the class. The studio plans to host Go-Go Amy again in 2013 and may consider expanding beyond the dozen spots normally offered.

Though the $250 price tag might drive some away, demand to feel beautiful and be beautifully photographed is there. Luckily, after six years of teaching these courses, Go-Go Amy shows no signs of wanting to slow down her hectic touring schedule.

“That’s where my address is,” she said when asked if she is based out of New York City, “but my real home is parked outside.”

She was referring to her touring bus, which she explained was originally built for “some dude named Ronnie Milsap.” Go-Go Amy knows this from a plaque inside the bus. Cox seems shocked someone doesn’t recognize the country star’s name, but Amy doesn’t seem to mind.

To her, what’s important is what’s around her -- the joy her performances give people and the women she’s bringing glamor to.

Go-Go Amy still remembered the first modeling class she taught and one particular student, a natural beauty. “This girl was, like, da-mn,” she said, drawing out the word for emphasis. “We dolled her up, though we didn’t have to do much, honestly. Afterward, she came up to me, and she was crying. She said, ‘I didn’t realize I could be beautiful.’ I didn’t realize until then how insecure people are.”

She Amy added, “That’s why I continued to do the classes. I want to cure that.”

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A shot from Go-Go Amy and Boudoir Louisville's Pin-Up Modeling Class
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