Playboy Celebrity Lounge at Prime Lounge attracts the beautiful people, celebs or not [Kentucky Derby]


At Prime Lounge (106 W. Main St.) on Wednesday for the Celebrity Jockey Bartending Event, I realized I'm an aged 34 year old. Back at Joey Wagner's hotspot on Derby Eve for the Greenhouse and Grey Goose Presenting the Playboy Celebrity Lounge, I came to another realization: Playmates or not, there are a lot of good-looking women in town.

My evening also reinforced that I need help identifying the celebs from the merely good looking and well dressed. (So much for my dreams of writing for TMZ.)

Celebs in attendance at what was a pretty full house last night:

  • Terrel Owens
  • Taylor Dayne
  • Playboy bunnies Alison Waite and Christine Smith
  • Warren Moon
  • A bunch of players from the Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints
  • A Lachey
  • The aforementioned Guy Fieri
  • Some guy with a head tattoo (not sure if he's a celeb, but I'd never see a head tattoo in person before)
  • Joey Fatone
  • Ron White
  • An actor from Avatar (I'm probably the only person who's never see the movie, and would I recognize an actor even if I did?)

Photo: Zach Everson

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