A presentation of 1811 surgical procedures, Sunday at Historic Locust Grove [Classes and seminars]


Two hundred years ago, treating bleeding, making dental repairs, removing musket balls from injured bodies, amputating limbs and performing cranial surgery were done differently than technology allows in 2011. The procedures are among the common surgical techniques to be demonstrated in the first-person presentation "The Doctor in Mourning" in the manner of a former sea surgeon from 1811 at Historic Locust Grove, presented by the Jane Austen Society of Louisville.

The public event will be held Sunday, January 16, 2011 from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. The demonstration by reenactor Albert Roberts, a high school visual arts teacher in Tennessee, will be followed by the Jane Austen Society's monthly Afternoon Tea.

The inspiration for all of Jane Austen Society of Louisville's 2011 events is the Austen novel Sense & Sensibility.

Anyone interested in 19th-century medical practices, Jane Austen's writing or Historic Locust Grove is encouraged to attend.

For more information about Sunday's program, or about the Greater Louisville Jane Austen Society, contact Bonny Wise, Regional Coordinator, at 502-727-3917, or visit JANSALouisville.com.

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Photo: Courtesy JANSA Louisville

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