Previewing the Wayward Actors 2012-2013 season [Theater]

Wayward Actors Theatre Company


A little madness and an affair never hurt anyone...right?  Regardless, expect both during Wayward Actors Theatre Company's 2012-2013 season.
Wayward Actors will present two shows during the season: Reefer Madness (October) and The Graduate (February 2013).  Both shows will take place in the Mex Theatre at the Kentucky Center for the Arts, located at 501 West Main Street in downtown Louisville.
Tickets for each show can also be purchased at the Kentucky Center website.  No season tickets are available.
Wayward Actors will open its season with Reefer Madness: The Musical.  Straight-laced kids fall to the evils of marijuana, which in turn leads them down a path towards sex, violence, and evil jazz music.  It's a tounge-in-cheek musical comedy that is to be directed by Craig Nolan Highley.
Coming in February is The Graduate.  Benjamin Braddock, a recent college graduate and a wholesome guy, finds himself in an affair with his father's business partner's wife.  To make matters worse, he winds up falling in love with the woman's daughter, Elaine.  Mike Seely will direct this production.
More information about Wayward Actors Theatre Company can be found at its website.
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