Purchase Fair Trade food products from Just Creations [Food & Dining]


Just Creations is a Fair Trade not-for-profit and retail store in Louisville. Their mission is to provide marketing assistance to low-income craftspeople in the developing world. The sale of those products helps to provide a fair wage for the artisans and enables them to pay for food, education, health care, and housing.

By shopping at Just Creations, you can support a Louisville business and artisans around the world! Plus most of these products are organic so you can feel good eating them! So stop by and pick up items to bring the tastes of the world into your home.

Here are some items you'll find in the store:
Bee Line Honey from Chicago
Equal Exchange Coffee
Eswatini Jams and Preservatives from Africa
Equal Exchange Tea – Rooibus, Green, Earl Grey, etc.
Divine and Equal Exchange Chocolate Bars
Equal Exchange Drinking Chocolate and Cocoa Powder
Sindyanna of Galilee Olive Oil
Om Al-Fahem Dates, Almonds, and Couscous from the Middle East
Women’s Bean Project Soup Mixes and Dip Seasonings
Women’s Bean Project Bread and Brownie Mixes
Dried Fruit - pineapple, mango

Just Creations is located 2722 Frankfort Avenue

Photos courtesy of Just Creations

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